The EAC Secretary General Liberat MFUMUKEKO being in trouble and shapes himself a scapegoat!

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According to an article posted August 26th 2016 on the Facebook account of “Ikiriho” (a presidential website), the medium wants us to believe the existence of alleged powerful network of former EAC secretary Mr Richard SEZIBERA (Rwandan citizenship) within the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) intending to propose “a vote of no confidence towards Libérat MFUMUKEKO”. Nevertheless he ignores that EALA is an independent institution, impossible to manipulate as the Burundian National Assembly is constantly manipulated. He should have responding to all his shenanigans and not shaping himself a scapegoat or blaming third party without evidence.

According to our source within the EAC secretariat’s office, MFUMUKEKO will have to foment everything in order to meet the satisfaction of his boss in Bujumbura. However he fears about his fate during the next Council of the EAC Foreign Ministers to be held next week before the Summit of the EAC of heads as he will have to respond to several allegations against him:

1. Only after 3 months in his office as Secretary General, 3 EALA committees have been instructed to investigate his reported power abuses. Probably he fears the investigation reports.

  1. There was also a matter of corruption in the life insurance public tender when MFUMUKEKO and his team tried to cancel abusively the decision made by the “Procurement Committee” in order to attribute the market to the 3rd ranked company with a negative financial result (balance sheet loss of $ 200,000) as he did constantly by his previous job (National water&power supply company-REGIDESO)
  1. He appointed a professional officer into the functions reserved to the executive staff who is normally appointed by the Heads of States Summit. Yet, there were 3 deputy members who could serve in this position.
  2. He is also accused of usurping the power which is normally reserved to the Council of the EAC Foreign affairs Ministers by closing the Department of Peace and Security (DPS). Our source said the DPS was initially targeted by the Bujumbura regime since the beginning of the Burundian crisis as Bujumbura government accused the department’s officers of partiality. By closing the Department of Peace and Security, MFUMUKEKO did his job well as an Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador from the Bujumbura regime, other side this seems to be an irresponsible and unfortunate decision in these circumstances at the moment Burundi and South Sudan -EAC members- are in political and humanitarian unrest.
  1. He is also accused of violating the labor law (staff rights and regulations) and usurping the power reserved to the EAC Council of Ministers by ending abusively the staff contracts. On this point, three staff members have sued against the EAC Secretary General for having violated EAC treaties, labor contract and regulations. The MFUMUKEKO decision to abuse his position had ignored technical advice of the Council of the EAC and the Human Resources Advisory Committee as well. Meanwhile the reported court cases against him show his inability to honor his commitments as the head of the General Secretariat of the EAC.
  1. The EAC financial resources are reported to be mismanaged; while travel budget heading is excessively misused by regular flying costs to Bujumbura probably to receive instructions, France and Mauritius for unnecessary trainings.

But instead of resign, MFUMUKEKO has been seeking to index the 3rd party as responsible for his abuses.

Another point, our source revealed that, both MFUMUKEKO and Minister Léontine NZEYIMANA have tried to dismiss a Burundian staff working at DPS just because he is Tutsi and the government of Burundi has been accusing him of being a member of MSD (an opposition political party) and therefore accusing him to deal with the opposition against the government.

He explains his attitude awkwardly that he is concerned about the donor’s lateness in releasing the funds. Subjective reasons why he decided to fire the staff and close the DPS! However the Bujumbura regime outstanding’s payments of EAC membership fees amounted to $ 13 million included last fiscal year 2015.

What about staff under Partnership Fund or other projects without funds? Why they weren’t chased out? All these explanations are wrong. He is absolutly serving Pierre NKURUNZIZA as his ambassador rather than being at EAC service.

In conclusion, the opinion has witnessed the partiality of MFUMUKEKO in the ongoing Burundi peace talks where he serves as the Representative of the Bujumbura regime, we urge him to introduce his resignation as EAC Secretary General.

We aware that the EAC is concerned about the precarious security situation in Burundi and we urge Burundian people who has sworn to defend the fundamental texts of our country (the constitution and the Arusha Agreement), to keep being mobilized as one man against NKURUNZIZA’s tyranny and his clique.

Blaise Baconib Nijimbere