Statement of CNARED-GIRITEKA on the Forced Disappearance of 4 FPB Leaders

On 21st October 2017, four leaders of the Burundi Popular Forces “FPB”have been arrested in the United Republic of Tanzania and led in an unknown location.

Those are Major General Jérémie Ntiranyibagira, Colonel Edouard Nshimirimana, Captain Libère Nzeyimana together Madam Libérate Nijimbere.

Ten days later, the CNARED-GIRITEKA comes to realize that the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, together with the Government of Burundi are in a total silence on what happened.

Therefore, the CNARED-GIRITEKA makes public the following declaration:

  1. The four leaders of the FPB have been arrested in the United Republic of Tanzania on 21st October 2017, and up to know, they are not reachable.
  1. From credible sources, it is confirmed that the Secret Service of Tanzania would have handed them to the Secret Service of Burundi. It is said that the four arrested persons have been handed to the named Gerard Nibigira, chief intelligence of Muyinga, well known for his cruelty together with the chair of the CNDD-FDD of the same province.
  1. It is worth nothing to mention that Madam Liberate Nijimbere is a Tanzanian citizen and could not in any case be handed to the Burundi secret services. It is the responsibility of the Tanzanian courts to judge the wrong doings of the citizens of that country.
  1. The CNARED-GIRITEKA recall that for long time, the United Republic of Tanzania has hosted Burundi refugees and is now hosting the current Burundi dialogue. Therefore, Tanzania has the responsibility to secure the Burundi refugees together with the all those involved in the Burundi dialogue process.
  1. The CNARED-GIRITEKA recall that:

On 17th August 1990, the founding president of PALIPEHUTU was killed in the Ukonga jail in the United Republic of Tanzania;
On 11th January 2012, Mr Alexis Sinduhije; leader of MSD; has been arrested at Daressalaam airport and was detained for two weeks. He was about to be extradited to Burundi;

Later on, Mr Chevineau Mugwengezo; chairperson of UPD, Pancrace Cimpaye; spokesperson of the CNARED-GIRITEKA, and the Lawyer Cyriaque Nibitegeka have been also arrested at Dar Es Salaam airport and were turned back.

In July 2016, Pacifique Nininahazwe; a member of Burundi Civil Society Organization; participating in a Burundi dialogue session in Arusha; escaped to be arrested and extradited. We commend the former presidents of Burundi; present in Arusha by that time; who did their best to avoid the worse.

From all that have been said, the CNARED-GIRITEKA would like to request from the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania the following:

  • To protect the refugees on his territory in accordance with the international conventions as ratified by the United Republic of Tanzania;
  • To inform the opinion about the final destination of the four persons arrested on the his territory;
  • To provide a clear information on what is said that the four persons; leaders of the Burundi Popular Forces “FPB” have been handed to the Burundi secret services ;
  • To be aware of what could be the weight of his responsibility if the arrested persons were killed if really they have been extradited;
  • To keep in mind that such practices that contravene the human rights could tarnish the image of Tanzania that would no longer be considered as a host Country for the people oppress by their own government ;
  • To realize that such situation creates a doubt about the United Republic of Tanzania as the host country of the inter-Burundian dialogue process.

Brussels, 1st November 2017

Pr. Charles NDITIJE,

Chairperson of CNARED-GIRITEKA